Rent me as a Girlfriend

Rent me as a Girlfriend
🎁 26 years old
📐165 cm height
🥂Drinking: No, never
🚬 Smoking: Yes, sometimes

********[ This is an ad for reference of our vendors. Please, note that this is not a real ad, but used for training purposes.] **********

💕 Dating locations
– Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba

– Age: 26
– Height: 165cm
– Blood type: A
– Occupation: Coffee shop worker

– Favorite food: Meat, pasta, sweets in general
– Alcohol: I can drink a little!
– Cigarettes: I don’t smoke
– Hobbies: Visiting delicious shops, taking pictures of the beautiful sky
– Charm point: My dimples
– Personality: Positive and full of curiosity!
– Usual clothes: I can wear anything from pretty to casual

Nice to meet you! 😊
It’s Sara Nishimura♪

I like eating delicious food and shopping, so I would be happy if I could go out to various places while talking a lot!
I also love to be active and play, so dating at the theme park is also welcome.

Feel free to talk about anything from trivial stories to complaints about work and daily worries that you can’t usually talk about!

I hope I can make it a memorable and wonderful time that makes you think “I want to see you again” ^^


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