Play with me.

🎁 31 years old
📐155 cm height
🥂Drinking: No, but I can
🚬 Smoking: No, never
🎮Ark, Baldur's Gate ll, Black desert, Dead by daylight, Don't starve together, Fallout 67, Gauntlet, Grand Theft Auto V, The Isle, Osiris new dawn, Portal 2, Project Zomboid, Raft, Scum, Stardew Valley, Terraria, Valheim, Minecraft, Mario party superstars, Human fall flat, worms. Ooh, and the NES,SNES, and N64 on switch.

Jaded gamer girl. I’m just a hoarder of games. I don’t typically play them very much… give me a reason to play?
Gamming + Discord. I’m not a big fan of highly competitive games. I won’t play WOW with you. I’ll give most things a try if I don’t already know I hate them, I can’t guarantee I’ll be any good at them though.
I’ve listed a few games I have, many of them I haven’t actually played yet. Most of them I have pretty minimal experience with so if you feel like noob brooding with me, hit me up. I have a decent PC as well as a switch.
Video chatting options will become available if this listing can pay for the webcam necessary and there is a demand for it. No funny business though, get your minds out of the gutter.


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