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Feeling lonely and need someone to talk to? Hire a Girlfriend is a service that allows you to rent a girlfriend to accompany you on dates or events. You can rent someone to chat with, laugh with, and keep you company. With Hire a Girlfriend, you can find a companion who understands your needs and is there to provide companionship when you need it. You can choose someone who shares your interests and has the personality you would like in a friend. 💕 Check out Hire a Girlfriend Service and never feel alone again!

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Yes. Holding hands while pretending to be a couple or a short hug for good bye is acceptable. However, any other physical and intimate contact with our rental girlfriends is prohibited. 

Unfortunately no. For safety reasons is prohibited the rental girlfriend to meet you at your home, in private rooms or be alone with you in your car. Please, choose a public place such as a coffee shop or restaurant to meet. 

Yes. If you wish to impress your colleagues or friends that you received chocolate on Valentines day, please let your rental girlfriend knows at the time of booking her and she will prepare it for you. 

Yes. You can introduce her to your parents. Please, let your rental girlfriend know about meeting your parents. You can advise her about proper dress code and give her information about your parents such as their names. You can also coordinate a story how you two met. 


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